Tips for Storm Damage Claims

Need Help With a Storm Damage Insurance Claim? We’re Here for You.

When your home is hit by a storm, you’re far too preoccupied getting your loved ones and belongings to safety to worry about your storm damage insurance claim. But when the dust settles, the clouds clear, and you step outside, that sinking feeling in your stomach is all too common. Can insurance cover this?

Gassen Construction & Maintenance is here to help. While all insurance policies are individual, this post covers some broad rules of thumb when it comes to getting the most out of your claim after storm damage.

Read Your Policy Ahead of Time

We know it’s long, and we know there’s plenty of jargon, but hear us out: familiarizing yourself with the individual requirements of your policy is the best way to make sure you know what to do when bad weather hits.

At the very least, speak with your insurance company to get the gist of your plan. You’ll avoid the disappointment of finding out they don’t cover something later, and you’ll save yourself the trouble of filing a claim that can’t be fulfilled.

Typical Insurance Coverage

Most homeowners' insurance policies do cover storm damage up to a point, but there are some conditions to watch out for. Here are some common coverage areas:

  • Wind and hail damage: Exterior damage caused by wind or hail is most often covered in standard policies. It is in your best interest to show you perform regular maintenance on your exteriors to avoid complications.
  • Water damage: When the water damage is caused by wind or hail harming the structure of your home and causing water to leak in, that is often considered storm damage and covered. Flooding in your home, however, is not unless you specifically have flood insurance.
  • Snow or ice damage: Most policies in Minnesota do cover structural damage to a home caused by heavy snow or ice, as long as the homeowner has maintained the upkeep of the home. Ice dam removal, however, is not covered.

See our guide on what homeowner’s insurance typically does and doesn’t cover, and talk with your policymaker about specific questions you have.

Take Photos Right Away and As Issues Progress

When it comes to roof damage claims or hail damage claims, untampered photographic evidence is key. Your insurance company wants to see an honest take of just how bad things are.

However, if your roof is leaking, you obviously can’t just leave it that way! So photograph ASAP and get to repairs afterwards. Better yet – get in touch with our team and let us know what’s going on. We’ll send an expert to conduct a thorough inspection, document the damage, and provide our recommendations for restoration.

Your insurance company will also need to send an adjuster to conduct their own assessment. However, you may have to wait a while before a claims adjuster visits your property, so the photos you take in the meantime can serve as valuable snapshots of the past. Storm damage doesn’t always appear immediately in the aftermath, so taking photos of any new developments will help your claim.

For more details on what steps you should take immediately after a storm, read our post on what you should do when your home has been damaged by inclement weather.

Be Careful Hiring a Storm Damage Contractor

If you don’t know how much coverage you’ll get for your hail damage claim or roof claim, you might want to hang tight before hiring a contractor – unless you know a credible contractor like Gassen Construction & Maintenance. We’re a reputable and local restoration business, and we’re more than comfortable guiding you through the insurance process.

It’s common to get antsy after you’ve finished sending insurance information off; You want to get your home back to normal as soon as you can. However, hiring the first contractor you see can lead to you getting in over your head with payments, which is not a place anyone wants to be, especially after a major storm has hit. Plus, out of town “storm chasers” don’t do quality work.

Take your time and research local contractors that assist with the storm damage insurance claim process. While there’s no harm in getting experts out to take a look at your home (in fact, it sometimes can give credibility to your claim), don’t sign anything until you know your storm damage insurance claim will be successful.

Gassen Construction & Maintenance: Storm Damage Insurance Claims Pros

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