4 Tips for Choosing Replacement Windows

4 Tips for Choosing Replacement Windows

If you’re on the hunt for window replacement before winter comes, you might be a little shocked to find that the average window is much more than a pane and sill. In fact, there are seemingly countless brands on the market, all with unique innovations and benefits. Picking the right one for your home certainly might not feel as clear as glass!

Gassen Construction & Maintenance is here to help. With our decades of experience working with windows, we’ll bring you a few tips below on how to find the perfect fit.

How Many Panes to Pick?

Generally, windows with more panes are better from an energy standpoint for your home. This is because there are more insulatory layers between your interior and your exterior. Windows are available in single, double-pane, and even triple-pane forms, allowing you to pick the perfect one for your budget. Plus, since Gassen Construction & Maintenance works with every window producer, you’ve got loads of brands at your disposal, too!

What Frames Should my Window Installation Have?

Window frames, just ike panes, come in a variety of styles, from the affordable and versatile vinyl to the luxurious, 100% wood. What kind of frames you want to buy depends on your budget, personal tastes, and desire for energy efficiency.

One thing that your window frames must be, though, is cold tolerant. Minnesota isn’t exactly the warmest state, and every part of your home’s exterior—windows included—must be able to stand up to it. Check out this list of cold-hardy recommendations from Window Price Guides.

Be Smart About Your Window Installation Timing

Winter is on its way, and while skilled window companies will do their work in a hurry so that your home’s temperature isn’t completely thrown out of whack, your choice of frames and panes may be impacted by the season—simply because some types, brands, and makes of windows take less time to install than others.

It probably won’t be the number-one concern on your list when it comes to window selection, but it’s certainly something worth giving thought to.

Consider How the Window Opens

Picking windows isn’t just about improving energy efficiency; it’s also about boosting your home’s curb appeal. Windows are incredibly versatile in terms of how they open—or if they don’t open at all—meaning that you’ll need to carefully consider their form and function alongside that of your home’s interior and exterior. 

Gassen Construction & Maintenance: When Window Installation Must Be Done Right

With our vast network of contractors and experience with a huge variety of brands, we’re the one Eden Prairie window company to satisfy every need. Give us a call today at 952-922-5575.

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