6 Popular Shingle Colors for Minnesota Homes

6 Popular Shingle Colors for Minnesota Homes

A new set of shingles can certainly add a regal flair to your home—plus, of course, protect it from the elements. But when it comes to such renovations, who says you shouldn’t have a little fun? Take a look at some of the hottest roofing colors of the season below, courtesy of GCM Construction & Maintenance, your Eden Prairie roofing company and general contractor.

Green Roofing Makes Neighbors Green With Envy

Starting this post off with a bang—it’s green! Though we admit it’s not the first choice on the radar of many Minnesotan homeowners, its unique pizazz can create some show-stopping exterior designs. Pair it with deeper, more natural siding tones to create that perfect cottage-in-the-woods feel.

That being said, you can pull off a red house and green shingles, too, if you’re truly looking for something novel. Just make sure that each hue is understated or subtle enough that the colors work with, not against, one another. Your roofing contractor can help you tweak things until you find the perfect shade.

Gray Shingles: A Faithful Old Standby

For those with a wilder siding color, gray roofing shingles might just be what you need to ground your exterior’s style. It is a ubiquitous choice and works with nearly any siding color, letting you go wild with various colors and textures. Always wanted a blue house? Yellow? Brown? Now is your chance; gray shingles will play the perfect harmony. Trust us; as a siding contractor and a roofing company, we’d know.

Embrace Warm and Toasty Browns

Brown is one of the few colors—along with gray—that you can go monochrome with. In other words, a brown roof with brown siding will go wonderfully; just make sure the colors are different enough that they don’t get lost in one another, visually speaking. Don’t be afraid to get a second opinion from your roofer.

Brown, like gray, is a popular shingle choice for a reason. It goes with nearly any exterior style, from rustic to modern. Unlike gray, though, it tends to bring out the warmer tones in your exterior decor, so keep that in mind while choosing siding and sprucing up the yard.

Black Shingles: Classic for a Reason

The quintessential asphalt roofing shade, black shingles can be found on many an American house, though they’re popular with New-England-style homes. Like a little black dress or a stately tuxedo, they pretty much go with any siding and window trim. Just make sure that the shades are all different enough from one another to stand out; we recommend high-contrast colors, such as a black roof with white siding, for maximum impact.

Red Shingles: Showstoppers

These aren’t the cherry shades that you might find in a siding in a front door, generally speaking; take a look at GAF’s style guide to see what we mean. This somewhat muted color gives the shingle depth and prevents it from looking too “out there” when applied in large swaths on your roof.

Red shingles can be absolute jaw-droppers when paired with the right siding. We recommend sticking with warmer colors, like browns. The goal is to create a unified picture, not to have your roofing or siding hog all the attention.

Go for the Gold

Bolder and brasher than brown, yet still with the same classical good looks, gold shingles have the same effect on your home as a gold necklace would have on an outfit: adding a tinge of luxe to the final picture. While golden shingles may not shimmer or shine, their assertive presence cannot help but be felt. You also won’t often find this shade as the base color of a given shingle; generally, it’s better used as an accent hue to help set off its surroundings.

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