3 Fall Maintenance Tips for Your Home’s Exterior
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3 Fall Maintenance Tips for Your Home’s Exterior

As the leaves morph and temperatures drop, one thing is clear: fall is in the air! While this means back-to-school for the kids and some lovely outdoor hikes for the rest of us, it also means that it’s time to take care of your home. Thanks to winter’s impending presence and the loads of leaf debris the season produces, things can get hairy fast if preventative maintenance is shirked.

Gassen Construction & Maintenance, your Eden Prairie roofing contractors and siding company, is here with a few quick tips on how to take care of your home as the weather cools.

Clean Your Gutters

Gutter cleaning should be done seasonally if one does not have gutter guards to help the system shed debris. This is especially important come fall! Leaves can rapidly clog even the most modern of systems, resulting in overflow and subsequent foundation deterioration and siding stains.

If that’s not bad enough, leaving your gutters to fill through the winter can contribute to ice dam formation—a nasty structure whose damaging effects can even reach your roof. While you may find it gross to shovel out your gutters, it’s certainly a task that must be done!

Trim Back Trees and Shrubs

Late fall, when the growth of many plants has slowed down, is the best time to do this so you’re not stuck out in your snow boots come winter, trying to operate a pair of shears in mittens! Indeed, the harsh winds of winter can cause branches to scrape against your roof and siding, so cutting them to a healthy level is recommended.

Moreover, when left to grow long enough, these same branches can serve as access points to your home for the local wildlife. To protect your home and family and keep nature where it’s supposed to be, some prudent gardening is in order.

Check Out Your Roof and Call a Roofer

Roof leaks interfere with your home’s ability to ventilate itself properly, and if left unchecked, they can also lead to costly structural repairs. To prevent a nasty surprise when you check over your attic in the spring, call for storm damage repair or roof repair if you find an issue now.

Some problems are difficult to spot from the ground—missing shingles, for example—so a seasonal professional inspection is also a given even if nothing is apparently wrong.

Gassen Construction & Maintenance: Comprehensive Exterior Help

As Eden Prairie roofers, gutter contractors and siding repair pros, we’d be happy to help you batten down your home’s hatches and get ready for the winter ahead. Give us a call today at 952-922-5575.

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