Three Bathroom Remodeling Ideas
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Three Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

When it comes to home remodeling, don’t shortchange your bathroom! Though it may not be a space where you spend hours on the daily, it’s still a well-used part of your home, and one deserving of your general contractor’s utmost attention.

It’s also a place that makes for some unique opportunities in terms of design and self-expression. Read on for a few favorites from Gassen Construction & Maintenance, your Eden Prairie bathroom remodeling pros.

Sleek and Modern

Is your bathroom far too 90s, with the era’s characteristic sleepy blues and clunky wood cabinets? Perhaps it’s time for a modern and minimalist upgrade! Bright whites are the belles of the modern era’s bathrooms, along with seamless silhouettes and delicate lines.

Consider replacing your rinky-dink tub, for example, for a breathtakingly streamlined newer model, or brightening up the space with light-colored walls. A touch of chrome on the fixtures and lots of natural light finishes the look.

Pops of Color and Accent Walls

Looking to stand out from the crowd of natural hues? We get you—for some, it can get tiring to live in a sea of browns and grieges. These folks might consider adding some razzle-dazzle to their bathroom remodeling with painted cabinets or a prominently colored wall. Snazzy knick knacks can also serve the same purpose.

As for what colors you can use? The sky’s the limit! So long as it stands out, it’s fair game. Before falling in love with any particular shade, though, consider the connotations of the color; neon pink, for example, might be associated more with a child’s room than an adventurously designed bathroom.

Smart Space Solutions

Far too many bathrooms suffer from feeling cramped and stuffy, thanks both to their size and the sheer amount of personal care items they’re expected to accommodate. Floating cabinets can solve both of these problems, making the room appear larger while also providing much-needed storage space. You can even stash things beneath them, like step-stools or small waste baskets.

Even if you don’t opt for the floating option, don’t underestimate the power of a vanity revamp. What was once the sleepiest part of your bathroom can quickly become a centerpiece with the right colors and silhouette.

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