3 Timeless Roofing Styles for HOA Communities
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3 Timeless Roofing Styles for HOA Communities

Picking a roofing style for your HOA is a huge decision! While it’s certainly a thrilling one—just think of all this could do for property values—there’s a whole lot to consider, including style.

To fully embrace roofing’s neighborhood-improving potential, the style you pick has to stand the test of time since most roofs last a decade or more. But it also has to appeal to homeowners today. After all, you can’t renovate an entire neighborhood if those who live there don’t approve!

Gassen Construction & Maintenance, your Eden Prairie roofing, siding, and window pros, is here to help you find the perfect roof style for your HOA community below.

For Asphalt Roofing, Consider Architectural Shingles

Asphalt roofing is the most popular shingle choice for good reason. It’s financially accessible, durable, and can be made to imitate a variety of classic roofing types, including clay. However, because it’s so popular, asphalt roofing might not be the best fit for your HOA community if it doesn’t have something to set it apart.

Luckily, architectural asphalt shingles are just that – something. With their unique and elegant shape, they make a polished stylistic statement that will appeal to both residents and passersby alike. And since this roofing type is tough, it will do so for the entirety of its lifespan.

For All-Natural Pest Resistance and High-End Looks, Cedar Delivers

Nothing beats wood’s natural beauty, and when your HOA invests in cedar roofs, you’ll also get natural strength to boot. Because of the substances it naturally produces and contains, cedar wood is pretty much off the menu to a variety of pests. It tends to be either repellant or toxic to them.

Style-wise, cedar is the epitome of ageless good looks. Who doesn’t like a neighborhood that has a touch of the playful and rustic, while still remaining high-class and stately? Indeed, cedar is a great fit for a variety of architectural styles, from luxurious lakeside manors to the modern townhome.

Choose Metal for Timeless Style

Metal roofing doesn’t have to look industrial! Thanks to a variety of colors and finishes, your HOA can invest in it and be the pinnacle of sleek and polished.

Plus, because metal roofing is as tough as, well, metal, you can count on these roofs to stand strong for 30 years or more with the proper care.

GCM: Your HOA’s Comprehensive Exterior Contractor

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