Three Reasons Why you Might Need Replacement siding
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Three Reasons Why you Might Need Replacement siding

Replacement siding is, for many homeowners, a once-in-a-lifetime investment—and a smart one at that. With modern brands like LP Smartside and James Hardie bringing bold new colors to the table alongside their legendary strength, new siding is often a renovation that serves a practical purpose and satisfies an itch for something cosmetically new.

Curious if new siding is the right exterior renovation for your contractor? GCM Construction & Maintenance is here to lead you in the right direction. Below, we’ll give you three circumstances in which new siding is an exterior renovation that’s practically perfect for your needs.

Minnesota Climate’s Got You Down

From rain to snow to high winds and everything in between, Minnesota’s climate can do a number on your home, especially on your siding, seeing as its sole purpose is to protect your household laterally from the elements. Because of the variety of weather issues siding has to contend with here, certain brands and materials just won’t cut it.

You’ll notice weather-related wear-and-tear in missing siding slats, premature cracking thanks to a chaotic freeze-thaw cycle, and even rot if your siding is purely wood and hasn’t been taken care of.

Your Old Siding Has Passed its Warranty

Many popular siding brands come with warranties—which tend to have preexisting conditions and requirements, but nonetheless guarantee that your siding is viable so long as those conditions are met. Once this period of time has passed, though, your siding is no longer covered under that warranty, which can put you on the line for extensive repairs should something go wrong.

Plus, siding that’s no longer under warranty isn’t guaranteed to protect your home. This opens the door for anything from water damage to mold issues. It’s therefore much safer to opt for siding replacement before your home faces any sort of risk.

You’re Looking to Sell

There’s nothing like the work of a siding contractor to give your home exterior the facelift it needs to quickly find a new owner. Plus, new siding can be a smart economical choice for sellers. According to the 2019 Cost Vs. Value Report from Remodeling, siding replacement recouped 75.6% of its cost on average across the U.S. Though trends and numbers vary depending on locale and budget, siding is a great renovation to look into if selling is on your mind.

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