Three Ways to Avoid Storm Damage
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Three Ways to Avoid Storm Damage

While leaving winter behind isn’t going “out of the frying pan, into the fire” as far as storm damage is concerned, spring does bring with it its fair share of nasty weather. And with summer on the horizon it’s always a smart idea to master avoiding storm damage ahead of time before the standard gnarly fare takes over the forecast.

Below, GCM Construction & Maintenance, Eden Prairie providers of everything from storm damage repair to roof replacement, discusses the best ways to keep your home unharmed in the face of weather you can’t control.

Trim Back Your Trees

It does more than make them look nice and help to direct new growth! According to the Lincoln County Oregon Sheriff's Office, trimming back trees “will help fewer branches fall in heavy wind or other severe weather.” This, in turn, leads to less debris that could potentially tear off your shingles or break a window.

On top of all that, trimmed trees can deter pests from taking up residence in your attic—which happens more often than you might think in the wake of heavy storm damage.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Drainage

Huge amounts of Minnesotan families deal with flooded basements every year, which set the stage for mold damage and structural weakness. But your household doesn’t have to suffer likewise! Aside from a hardworking sump pump, making sure your gutters are sparkling before storm season helps to prevent the accumulation of standing water underneath—and the consequential death of your landscaping.

If you’ve historically had issues with soggy basements, you might consider looking into your lawn’s grading. “A 2 percent grade away from the foundation is adequate for most yards,” according to SFGate—but keep in mind that drainage won’t matter if your gutters aren’t working!

Practice Preventive Maintenance

It’s common sense: a home that’s stronger in the first place will stand stronger throughout a storm. Regular service of your roofing, windows, and siding by a thoroughly vetted contractor is essential to your home’s wellbeing (and that of your pocketbook). Plus, it saves you and your family so much stress and lets you get on with your lives after foul weather.

Learn all the details about the importance of preventive maintenance in our recent general contractor blog!

GCM Construction & Maintenance: Strong Homes and Storm Damage Repair

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