Spring Checklist for Exterior Home Maintenance
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Spring Checklist for Exterior Home Maintenance

While you’re probably exhaling as the frigid winters give way to spring, your home is most likely crying out for help—in the form of maintenance, of course!

Winter storms and the moody freeze-thaw cycles that are so common in Minnesota can quickly have their way with the average home exterior. If you don’t get the resulting storm damage taken care of soon, your interior isn’t going to stand up to spring rains and summer pummeling. Regardless, too, there are always a few things that should be taken care of when the snow melts.

Luckily, GCM Construction & Maintenance is here to help. Below, we break down your home into a few key areas and discuss what should be done each Spring to ensure strength and longevity.

Look Over Your Roofing

We’ll start with the highest point of your home and work our way down. Your roofing has most likely been buried under the snow all season, so now’s the time to clamber onto your step-ladder and check it over for missing shingles, ice dams, or cracks that could indicate future problems.

It’s crucial not to overlook ladder safety while doing this! Though you shouldn’t stand directly on your roof, as it’s dangerous without the proper training, ladders also pose their fair share of safety hazards—falling obviously being one of them. Check out this safety briefing from the American Ladder Institute to learn more about how to get the job done without incident.

Clean Your Gutters

Yep, late spring is the perfect time to get this twice-annual chore out of the way! You might not think much has accumulated in your gutter installation since you just cleaned it in the fall, but you’ll be surprised once you get up there, thanks to the high winds during winter storms. Indeed, according to Bob Vila, the wind is actually responsible for more debris accumulation than the rain.

Many species of trees also shed seeds in the spring, which can quickly pile up and lead to clogs.

Address Your Siding, Windows and Beyond

What lies beneath your roof and gutters largely requires situation-specific care, but all homeowners will need to attend to their siding and windows. The former could use a good washing with the garden hose—but be careful not to spray underneath the slats!

Windows can also use some attention with a dishcloth and detergent. You’ll want to check for drafts or moisture accumulation between the panes; both are signs that it’s time to call your window contractor.

GCM Construction & Maintenance: Get a Helping Hand With Your Spring To-Dos

From windows to roofing, you’ll have everything taken care of when we’re on the scene! Reach our Eden Prairie team of contractors at 952-922-5575.

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