Best Types of Insulation for Minnesota Homes
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Best Types of Insulation for Minnesota Homes

Insulation: it’s not just a word, but a way of life up here in the frigid North. We insulate thermoses, hats, mittens, and, of course, our homes. Because it’s such an important part of everything from roofing to siding, there exist a seemingly countless number of insulation types, each best fit for a specific purpose—so how do you tell which one is right for your home?

GCM Construction & Maintenance, your Eden Prairie team of siding repair, roofing installation, and more, is here to help. Below, we’ll discuss a few of our favorite insulation types for Minnesota homes that will keep your family warm and your energy bills low.

Spray-Foam Insulation

Though it might be pricey, spray-foam insulation hands down performs the best. Because it can fill every tiny space in your attic or other space, it’s tough on drafts, and it certainly makes the most out of its incredibly high R-value. Some types even create a watertight barrier when they are installed.

If you’re looking for the paramount in performance, spray-foam is the way to go. Because it’s an expensive investment and also often tricky to install, you’ll want to hire a contractor to do the job for you, as mistakes can cost you big time.

Blown-in Insulation

Named for its installation method, this type of insulation can be made of cellulose coated in boric acid or fiberglass. Using a specialized tool, the insulation is indeed blown into the desired location, which lends this insulation type a versatility that other competitors may struggle to beat. Reaching tricky locations and filling them completely becomes a cinch.

This type of insulation also offers versatility in terms of performance; because it comes in multiple forms (two of which we mentioned earlier) homeowners have options when it comes to finding the right fit for their climate.

Batt Insulation

On the more economical side of the spectrum is batt insulation, which tends to come in long rolls. It’s probably the type of insulation you’re most familiar with, as many home improvement stores sell the stuff. While the densities and R-values of this insulation type will vary, it tends to be made of fiberglass and is most often seen in attics.

This is yet another product that you’ll want a pro to install for you, as the process can irritate the lungs if proper protection is not worn.

Keep Your Home Warm This Winter With GCM Construction & Maintenance

We’re dedicated roofers and siding installation specialists here to help maintain your home’s energy efficiency—and your comfort. Give our Eden Prairie office a call today at 952-922-5575.

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