6 Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

6 Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

For Minnesotans, the kitchen is one of the most-frequented spaces in the home – the room where the most precious memories are made. Whether baking cookies with the kids or whipping up an old family recipe to return to your roots, the opportunities for bonding and connection are endless.

When you want to renovate your kitchen space, it’s important to consider both style and sensibility. Our GCM Construction & Maintenance team excels in creating custom kitchen designs that balance all your wants and needs.

As your local home remodeling experts in the Twin Cities area, we have some ideas and popular trends to help you brainstorm your own dream kitchen!

1. Add Islands for Beauty & Function

Kitchen islands are incredibly versatile spaces for cooking, hosting, and storing more appliances. When you’re flying around the room trying a new recipe, they serve as always-accessible counter space. Just turn around, and it’s there!

When company comes over, you can use the island as an informal dining area with a set of trendy stools. For larger gatherings, islands work well as a centralized spot for distributing appetizers. Not to mention, there’s the added bonus of more storage space.

It’s also trendy to set your island apart by creating an “accent” countertop, like an accent wall, that adds visual interest and style to a room. Choose a complementary color or material, like quartz or marble, to set off your island from the rest of your kitchen.

2. Build Up Your Cabinetry

It’s no secret that kitchens accumulate a huge variety of miscellaneous trinkets, from cooking tools used once in a blue moon to small bottles of spirits broken out for special occasions. Storage space can feel like a premium, but it won’t for long with a set of stylish new cabinets.

While you may not have much floor space, you definitely can build up, installing mini storage compartments even above pre-existing cabinetry. This is a renovation that’s as practical as it is beautiful. No more fretting about where to put the extra dishes your family seems to accumulate!

3. Don’t Be Afraid of Color

While many people still prefer unobtrusive neutrals and gentle wood tones, bright splashes of color, like vibrant reds and earthy greens, are as in style as ever. Dark blues and grays on your cabinets pair well with white, cream, and light gray countertops and backsplashes.

If you still love the look and texture of wood on your cabinets, try a darker finish and contrast it with lighter counters. Or use a darker stain on your lower cabinets and a lighter stain on your upper ones to add an element of drama. 

4. Update Backsplashes

One way to modernize an old kitchen instantly is by changing your backsplash to a more updated look. Choose sleek, white subway tiles for a fresh and clean appearance, or enhance the luxury of your kitchen with marble or marble-like tile backsplashes either in a neutral color or with a colored accent tile.

For the especially bold, remodel your kitchen with a marble backsplash that reaches the ceiling (where you can) and has no grout lines. Use either a full slab or make the grout very thin. This high-end look creates a focal point in your kitchen and certainly won’t be considered old-fashioned.

5. Bring in Better Appliances

The shift away from stainless steel, especially in the high-end kitchen, has been happening for a few years now. The new trend in appliances is white to match cabinets, backsplashes, or countertops.

Or there’s the even less obtrusive style of paneled appliances that exactly match your cabinets. It creates an elegant, streamlined look to your kitchen that also boosts your home’s value!

When shopping for new appliances, talk with your general contractor about smart appliances. Integrating technology into your kitchen is becoming standard. Consider appliances that link to your phone, so you can preheat your oven while on the drive home or make sure it’s off when you’ve left the house.

6. Mix Metal Details

If you’re still in love with your stainless steel appliances, but do want to update your kitchen, a popular trend is to change out your cabinet hardware. Keep your stainless steel, use neutral colors on your cabinets and counters, then add flashy bronze or copper handles or knobs on your cabinets.

Extend your multi-metal details to your ceiling by incorporating silver shaded lighting or a matte black finished chandelier. The contrasts bring in drama and elegance.

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