Three Basement Remodeling Ideas
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Three Basement Remodeling Ideas

Basements are sort of the most miscellaneous of house spaces—they can really be used for anything! Whether you need a new bedroom for an incoming child or a space to store all your hobby equipment—or maybe both at once—your basement is a jack of all trades, always able to accommodate.

But just because it’s a jack of all trades doesn’t mean that it’s a master of none! With the right finishing touches, any basement can be transformed to perfectly suit a given purpose. GCM Construction & Maintenance, your basement finishing pros, is here with just a few ideas on how you might put your previously uncategorized basement to work.

Make it Entertainment Central

Do you like to host large parties or family gatherings? Is your house constantly in cheery commotion from the influx and outflux of people? If that’s the case, your basement can serve as a wide-open, breezy gathering space that’s perfect for entertaining, no matter if it’s a New Year’s party or simply offering a drink to a friend who’s stopping by.

To make the space look bigger and thus more comfortable for large volumes of people, consider asking your general contractor about removing unnecessary walls and choosing a single flooring type that spans rooms. Hardwood is ideal, as its parallel lines do wonders for opening up a space.

Transform it Into a Cozy Media Space

So much technology is focused on personal use these days, so why not use it instead to bring your family together? A warm and fuzzy media room can do just that, and your basement is the perfectly versatile space to make it from. With big pillowy couches, a soft rug, snack cabinets in the corner—and of course as big a TV as the budget can afford—there’s no place your family will rather be come Friday movie nights.

Consider asking your general contractor about how you can lend a soft, warm vibe to the space so that your loved ones will feel comfortable there. Chocolaty walls and luxurious carpet could be good places to start.

Create a Work-From-Home Haven

If you and your spouse work from home with no intentions of switching anytime soon, capitalizing on your basement’s nooks and crannies can help you and your home remodeling pro make the at-home office space of your dreams. As a bonus, when you’re not working, it can double as a hobby space or a quiet study area for the kids.

Do Home Remodeling Right With GCM

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