Preparing Your Home for a Winter Storm Checklist

Preparing Your Home for a Winter Storm Checklist

When it comes to winter, many Minnesotans think they’ve got it all put together—after all, living here for so many years teaches you a thing or two about icy roads and dealing with the cold. But the fact of the matter is that your home and family can never be too prepared for a harsh winter storm. Power interruptions, for example, can be deadly if your home can’t properly protect you, and snow accumulation combined with high winds can lead to expensive springtime repairs if your exterior isn’t fortified.

GCM Construction & Maintenance, your Eden Prairie team of roofing contractors and home remodeling experts, is here with a brief list of must-do’s before severe cold-season weather rolls in.

Get Ready Far Ahead of Time

Ideally, pre-snowfall winterization will help shore up your defenses and keep moisture damage out and to stave off the cold. Your roofing, siding, and windows should all be seen by an expert before winter truly settles in so as to ensure airtight protection should power fail.

The CDC also recommends that you trim back tree branches that could fall on your home if there is a harsh wind to snap them. Again, ideally this will be done pre-winter, as working in the cold is not only unpleasant, but downright dangerous.

It also recommends that your chimney and fireplace, if any, be looked over by a pro annually. While these fixtures can make ideal emergency heating, they also can start fires themselves if, for example, the chimney is dirty.

Invest in Proper Insulation

While it seems logical that more insulation for your home is always better, this is not always the case. For example, too much roofing insulation can actually cause moisture damage as it can block vents and forbid humid air from leaving your home. This in turn can cause roof leaks which can prove downright disastrous in bad winter weather!

Before winter storm season, head up to your attic and take a look at its condition. Is insulation covering any roofing vents? While each roof is an individual and, again, should be seen by a pro pre-cold-season, clearing insulation from vents if it’s safe to do so is a great start.

Tend to Your Heating System

According to The Red Cross, “winter storms can last for several days, placing great demand on electric, gas, and other fuel distribution systems.” This means that, before winter, you’ll need to make sure that your furnace is ready to do some heavy-lifting. Getting the help of an HVAC contractor is, of course, an obvious first step, but your heating system will undergo far less stress if you general contractor also adequately winterproofs your home.

GCM Construction & Maintenance: Here to Help Keep Your Family Safe This Year

Our comprehensive team of general contractors has the wide skillset needed to safeguard your home from winter’s wrath. Give our Eden Prairie office a call today at 952-922-5575.

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