Front Door Ideas for a Welcoming Entry
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Front Door Ideas for a Welcoming Entry

When neighbors, relatives, and even potential homebuyers approach your house, your front door and its decor is one of the first things they see. It’s only logical, then, that you’d want to focus a fair degree of decorative energy on it. It’s a point of pride, after all!

However, going outside the box when it comes to door decor isn’t always easy. How many ways, you may think in exasperation, can you really renovate or spruce up a rectangular plank of wood with a window?

We at Gassen Construction & Maintenance know that the real answer is “quite a bit!” Read on for a few ideas on how to get your front door looking snazzy.

Wreaths Are Always in Season

It’s a surefire way to add a little homestyle charm to your exterior: a wreath! Not just for the holidays anymore, these dandy decorations are available in a variety of designs, from faux flowers to fall leaves. You can have fun building a collection of them, putting up a new one for every season or every special occasion.

They’re also deceivingly simple to make, so if you’re a dedicated DIYer, this can be a great project to tackle with a few spare hours. Check out this article from The Pioneer Woman for some ideas.

And don’t worry—you don’t need to mar your door by driving a nail into it to hang your wreaths. Plenty of commercial products that hang over the door itself instead are available.

Play it Bold With a Pop of Color

If you really want your door to stand out, nothing beats a renovation to a brighter, more eye-catching color. You can put a touch of ritz on your front porch with a snazzy scarlet door, or draw the eye with a white one that suggests class and elegance. No matter what new door you choose, if it contrasts with the surrounding siding and roofing, you’re sure to welcome visitors in both warmth and style.

Go Extravagant With French Doors

French doors open in opposite directions of one another, meeting in the middle. Though they’re often used as interior pieces to preface a grand room, if you want to greet visitors with sophisticated and classical vibes, they’re a great opportunity to speak to your general contractor about. A variety of windows and styles are available to suit everything from the modern townhomes to traditional colonial styles; there’s truly a French door for every kind of decorative flair!

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