Storm Damage Help: What Does Homeowners Insurance Cover?
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Storm Damage Help: What Does Homeowners Insurance Cover?

If your home has been damaged in a recent storm, we’re so sorry you’re going through this, and we’re here to help. Gassen Construction & Maintenance provides storm damage repair services throughout the Twin Cities metro area. Our storm damage specialists rush to the scene when you need us, ready to start the process of restoring your home.

One of the main concerns when it comes to storm damage is whether or not you have insurance and, if so, what your policy covers. When you choose GCM, your on-site project manager will help you understand your individual policy and work with you and your provider to navigate your claim. Still, it helps to have a bit of knowledge on how it all works.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Storm Damage?

It depends on your policy, but yes, most homeowners insurance providers will cover storm damage – up to the limits stated in your policy.

However, your policy will likely specify certain causes of storm damage or “perils,” such and wind, hail, or lightning. Meaning, if your home was damaged by a weather event that’s not included – flood damage and earthquakes are commonly left out – your insurance won’t cover it.

What Types of Storm Damage Does Insurance Cover?

A standard homeowners insurance policy usually, but not always, helps cover storm damage from:

  • Water
  • Ice
  • Lightning strikes
  • Power surges
  • Wind
  • Hail
  • Fallen trees

What’s Not Covered By Homeowners Insurance?

As mentioned, earthquakes and floods are typically left out of homeowners insurance policies, though they are sometimes available as an add-on or separate policy. There’s really no one-size-fits-all approach for storm damage insurance; You might need a mix of different policies to meet your protection needs.

Water Damage

If your home has water damage, your insurance provider may cover it only if it happened from specific causes. While many policies do not cover flood damage, for example, they do typically cover water damage from a burst pipe – but not if you neglected to keep your home heated properly!

Thankfully for Minnesotans, most standard insurance policies DO cover roof damage caused by the weight of ice and snow.

Fallen Trees

This one depends on where the tree fell and what caused it, which can get tricky.

  • If a tree falls in your yard and damages your property, your insurance will cover it if your policy covers the cause. So if wind takes down a tree that falls on your house and your policy covers wind, you can file a claim.
  • If a tree from your yard falls and damages your neighbor’s property, your neighbor can file a claim through their own insurance.
  • If your neighbor’s tree falls and damages your property, you would file a claim through your insurance.
  • If a tree falls in your yard but doesn’t cause any damage, you’ll probably have to pay for removal yourself since most policies only cover the cost of removing debris for cases of structural damage.

Optional Coverage

If you want more protection than the standard homeowners insurance policy provides, there are additional coverage options you can purchase, depending on your provider. Additional protection can cover things like total siding or roof replacement, sump pump overflow, or personal property.

What If My Home Isn’t Safe After a Storm?

If you can’t live in your home because of storm damage, homeowners insurance will typically allow for additional living expenses for hotel bills, restaurant meals, and even laundry and pet services. While you’re staying safe in a hotel, GCM will work quickly to restore your home to its original condition or better.

As you can see, we’ve only briefly dived into the topic of homeowners insurance, and there are already so many variances. No wonder many people struggle to understand what their policy covers. But no worries – we’ve had a lot of experience in this area and will have no problem deciphering and explaining your policy.

From the moment you hire GCM for storm damage repair, we will start the insurance process, working with your provider to document your storm damage and ensure all the necessary measures are in place. You’ll be back in your home before you know it! Call our Eden Prairie office for emergency services at 952-922-5575.

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